Whether you are performing hearing screening or precise middle ear analyses, the MADSEN Zodiac 901 tabletop tympanometer is a reliable choice for your clinic.

Robust and easy to use, MADSEN Zodiac 901 is a complete tympanometer that can perform all relevant tests and deliver:

  • Fully automatic screening
  • Reflex decay & acoustic reflex tests
  • Zodi-Link TM PC software for Noah
  • Printout on internal or external printer
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD
  • Pure tone audiometry

A stable probe and reliable tympanometer mean accuracy and efficiency for you

Hearing professionals around the world count on the MADSEN Zodiac 901 for reliability and accuracy in middle ear assessment and analyses.

The handheld probe makes it easier to obtain a seal, and can be mounted on a headset or shoulder harness for clinical measurements.

The MADSEN Zodiac 901 satisfies most screening and clinical applications in immitance audiometry.

For added efficiency, up to four pre-programmed test sequences can be preloaded, and activated with the press of a button.

A Noah compatible tympanometer with convenient connectivity

MADSEN Zodiac 901 is Noah compatible and can be easily connected to PCs and desktop printers.

The optional Zodi-Link™ PC module in Noah enables you to feed test information directly into the Noah database, and display immittance measurements on-screen.

Connect to a desktop printer for instant printouts with or without a PC.

Screening tests:

  • Automatic tympanometry
  • Automatic acoustic reflex screening (Ipsi/Contra)
  • Pure tone hearing thresholds (air conduction)

Clinical tests:

  • Automatic acoustic reflex thresholds (Ipsi/Contra)
  • Reflex decay (Ipsi/Contra)
  • Manual tympanometry
  • Manual acoustic reflex thresholds (Ipsi/Contra)
  • Eustachian Tube Function (ETF)
  • Acoustic reflex latency
  • Gelle’s test

Making every step easier in immittance testing

A flat menu structure and self-explanatory OTOsuite software – the shared interface for all Otometrics hearing assessment and fitting solutions – mean you can quickly find what you are looking for.

OTOsuite keeps everything you need for the entire patient journey in one place allowing you to work with your audiometer, OAE, video otoscope and immittance devices in one shared interface. Plus, OTOsuite delivers powerful reporting capabilities and easy customization tools that enable you to combine various test data in customized reports quickly.

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