The MADSEN OTOflex 100 is a portable, flexible, comprehensive handheld tympanometer featuring tympanometry, reflex screening/threshold/decay and ETF – all in a single, compact and highly flexible unit.

As a stand-alone system, you can hang it on the wall, place it on your desk – everything you need is close at hand.

The 1000 Hz probe tone, wideband noise reflex stimuli, automatic test sequences, and real-time wireless communication with your PC deliver great functionality and compliance with recommended test protocols.

Use it as standalone or PC-based tympanometer

Convenient as a standalone tympanometer, the MADSEN OTOflex 100 is also available as a PC-based system.

Operating your OTOflex through the OTOsuite software universe is fast and easy. Navigate through different test options and settings easily. The PC screen gives you a large and clear overview of test results.

Everything you need is contained in one intuitive interface, making testing and data handling efficient and accurate. The OTOsuite interface enables easy data transfer to third party systems such as Noah and/or Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

All the efficiency features you need in a handheld tympanometer

Discover comprehensive and efficient middle ear screening with the MADSEN OTOflex 100, including:

  • Custom test setups
  • Automatic test sequences
  • Auto-start – tests begin as soon as the probes are correctly positioned
  • User defined done function, automatically finishes the test, by printing the results or preparing for the next patient

Available tests

  • Probe tones 226, 1000 Hztympanometer-madsen-otoflex
  • Multiple layered tympanograms
  • Jerger norm & auto classification
  • Reflex screening
  • Reflex threshold
  • Reflex decay
  • ETF Test for Intact Tympanic Membrane
  • ETF Test for Perforated Tympanic Membrane
  • Admittance Monitoring
  • Conductance and susceptance

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