MADSEN Itera II sets a high standard in audiometric performance, simplicity and design. Compact, reliable and versatile, it is the ideal diagnostic audiometer for air, bone and speech audiometry featuring:

  • Exceptional performance – two independent channels, extensive patient communication facilities and ipsi/contra lateral masking
  • High versatility – a choice of functional options to configure the best solution for your clinic or dispensing practice
  • Adaptability and ease of use – MADSEN Itera II is Noah-compatible and integrates easily with your other PC-based hearing instrument fitting and dispensing systems

Available as a stand-alone or PC-based system. Discover how versatile an audiometer can be

Everything you need in a hybrid audiometer

Are you looking for a stand-alone audiometer? MADSEN Itera II delivers top performance and efficiency in a stylish cabinet. Smart rotary knobs provide tactile feedback so you can keep your eyes on your patient when changing frequency and level. Every function is at your fingertips. See at a glance how the instrument is set up with lights and a simple display layout.

A diagnostic audiometer that connects to your PC

The MADSEN Itera II can also be used as a PC-based audiometer with the OTOsuite Audiometry module.

Manual recording of audiograms on paper pads is replaced with electronic recording in a real-time graphic interface. Test results are monitored directly on your PC screen as detailed audiograms with all necessary information.

What’s more, the PC module supports aided/unaided speech testing, including a live VU-meter, speech scoring, and “smart” registration of test results. Features, such as a built-in Masking Assistant™ and visual overlays, ensure high-quality diagnostic testing and patient involvement.

The diagnostic audiometer makes audiology data management easier

Test data can be integrated with electronic medical records (EMR) via the standard XML data format, stored in or outside of Noah, or included in reports for third party sharing.

If you need to print the audiogram, the easy-to-read symbols ensure safe and accurate interpretation.


  • Air conduction, Bone conduction and Speech Audiometry
  • 2 separate identical channels
  • Ipsi/Contra lateral Masking (NBN, WN)
  • Masking assistant
  • Hearing Instrument Simulator (HIS)
  • Gooseneck microphones for live voice (option)

Available audiometer tests

  • ABLB
  • SISI
  • Stenger

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