Gold standard caloric testing

The ICS NCI-480 water caloric stimulator sets the gold standard for caloric testing, providing precise control of temperature, duration and flow rates.

The ICS NCI-480 delivers:

  • Convenience – start the test from delivery head or footswitch
  • Precision – light on the delivery head illuminates the ear for irrigation
  • Safety – designed with electrical and thermal protection

What’s more, the ICS NCI-480 water caloric irrigator integrates smoothly with the computer-based ICS Chartr 200 VNG/ENG system.

Smooth integration with ICS Chartr 200 VNG/ENG system

Otometrics offers integration of the caloric stimulation function with our pc-based VNG (Videonystagmography) and ENG (Electronystagmography) systems.

The program remotely selects the required warm or cool temperature.

Test initiation starts the recording and the caloric countdown timer simultaneously.

In addition, remote control or foot switch can center the recording (ENG/VNG) or remotely starts video recording (VNG).

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