The 350S is designed to provide a controlled environment in which to complete screening audiometry. It is a more spacious acoustic booth than the 250S, and the 350S would require on site installation.

  • Internal dimensions of 894mm x 948mm x 2000mm
  • Sensor operated LED lighting and ventilation system
  • Fitted with castors for complete mobility
  • Complies with BSEN ISO 8253-1
  • Supplied in ‘kit’ form
  • Left hand or right hand door option


Space saving configuration

The advanced design provides for outstanding performance. Amplivox recognise that space can be at a premium in medical centres. Therefore the compact booth design and either left or right door opening configurations ensure maximum use of available space. The external dimensions of the 350s are just 1000mm wide x 1069mm deep x 2253mm high, with internal dimensions of 894mm wide x 948mm deep x 2000mm high.

Patient comfort

The booth is equipped with a silenced ventilation system, lighting and a large double-glazed acoustic window to ensure maximum patient comfort whilst the audiometric test is completed.

Ease of use

The booth is supplied in ‘kit’ form which will require assembly. This can completed by the client or Amplivox can provide a quotation for the completion of this work.

Once assembled, the booth can be positioned very quickly since it is supplied with integral castors. The booth is also supplied with an integral jack panel for audiometer connections.


Download or view the information and specification PDF

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