About Us

The Hearing Clinic has specialized in the evaluation and treatment of hearing loss for over 25 years. We perform diagnostic testing to find the cause of the hearing loss. We explain the results to our patients in clear, easy to understand language. Based on the results from our thorough testing, we make recommendations that provide persons with hearing loss the help they need. People with hearing loss often come directly to us for services. We also work very closely with area physicians when our special diagnostic skills are requested in the evaluation of hearing. Rana A. Masood and his team are experts in finding solutions for hearing loss through fitting and adjustment of hearing aids and other assistive devices.

Being a leading solution provider in the hearing health care and development conducted by experts who are dedicated.

Improving the quality of life of people with hearing loss and the impact of hearing loss as the goal of any service provided by Hearing Clinic. Developing welfare of the company and employees through steady growth in the company and improving the quality of human resources. Show concern for the community through a commitment to the development of hearing health in social activities and public education.

Your Road to Better Hearing Begins Here

We’re here for all of your hearing needs, which is why we offer a variety of services including hearing tests to restore and enhance your hearing.

Hearing Care You Can Trust


With years of experience helping patients with their hearing, our highly trained and certified staff are experienced in providing the right hearing healthcare and solutions for our patients.


We know that acknowledging hearing loss and getting treatment can be stressful and intimidating for people. We make the process easier by always treating you with warmth and consideration.


We believe earning patients’ business starts with earning your trust. That’s why we provide you with quality, personalized care, developed specifically for you and your hearing needs.

Health is the most important thing you have in life!

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